Happy Garlic Ready for the Snow

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Giant Proud Pumpkin

You've got to love the spirit of a haggard old cucumber vine in mid-September, tired by striving, putting the last of itself into producing some final fruits. The fall garden is quickly approaching:

Mammoth Grey Stripe sunflower heads laden and bent from the weight of ripe full seeds are being pecked apart, scattered underfoot by chickadees and finches.

The leaves of our vigorous wending grape are even starting to turn gold as are the few raisining fruits that have escaped the eyes of little children and other critters roaming the vines.

A giant proud pumpkin stands at our door in celebration of the approaching season.

The season of death and decay is always on the heels of the fruiting season.
Leave some gargoyle flower head or overgrown zucchini to rot crumble and fall in reminder, honor, and celebration of the cusp, the cycle, and your own life and times.