Happy Garlic Ready for the Snow

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Seed in Child's Hand

The Summer Solstice has past, at Camp Stevens this means that raspberries are starting to trickle in. If the spring blossoms didn't get frozen off the trees and weather permitted good pollination, we should begin enjoying the early stone fruits (fruits in the rose family/prunus genus with single "stone like" pits). Despite an erratic spring with late freezes, wind, and rain the stone fruit trees in our orchard seem to be performing in 2010. The veggies at the farm and gardens are cranking along providing us with all the lettuce, peas, and root vegetables we can consume and we are beginning to see the first of the exciting summer produce in the form of the ubiquitous zucchini. Tomatoes and basil are not far behind. With the added growing space that Volcan View Farm has provided, Camp Stevens has really been able to start making a dent in the dream growing our own produce this year, and as we look to the future it seems possible to grow even more.
Outside of the Farm and Garden, we are completing our 2010 Counselor Training Program. It was a busy 10 days and it looks like we have a strong new crew of Counselors and Staff to run our summer program. They seem excited about working with children in the wilderness and on the farm and in the garden. In an effort to meet our stated mission of "reclaiming an active stewardship" of all that sustains us, we at Camp Stevens are trying to help children re-connect with their ecology. I think this group of young leaders is more equipped than ever to help accomplish this goal, they represent the youth of this world who are rising to the challenges of this world, and it will define their generation. This summer they will help children explore the freedom and wonder of the wilderness, enjoy the fruits of the soil and the sun, and learn about each other and diversity in general. We hope that this may serve as a seed for some children, that through them we may begin the much needed process of re-educating ourselves to our ecology, re-developing an eco-literacy if you will. I hope you all have an excellent Summer and take advantage of all the wilderness and culinary wonders that this season affords.